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Vallecitos, Cordillera de los Andes

Route Nº 7, heading west, will take us through the Potrerillos valley where we can see the glacial blue waters of Lake Potrerillos and enjoy the stunning snowy peaks of "Cordón del Plata".
Off the main route, we head SW driving on a road surrounded by poplar trees, typical of local oasis.
Further on, a dirt track will take us up to Vallecitos ski resort where we shall start our descent. The way down is a switchback dirt road that becomes flatter and less curvy by the end of the first section.
On the second half the options are multiple, so the direction shall be decided according to the individual's experience and physical condition at the time.
We will end the bike trip by the Potrerillos lakeshore, where we can stretch our legs and have lunch and then head home.

General Information

Location: Andes Mountain Range

Transportation: private

Estimated time of departure: 9 am

Estimated time of arrival: 7 pm

Estimated duration of riding: 4 hours, depending on individual's physical condition, and including lunch

Ride starting height: 8,850 fasl. (2.700 masl) 

Maximum height: 8,850 fasl. (2.700 masl)

Personal equipment required: comfortable warm pants, comfortable trekking or sport shoes with a good sole, warm socks, t-shirt, turtle neck shirt, wool sweater or warm fleece top, a good warm jacket, gloves, warm stocking cap, cap or hat, sun glasses and UV sun-block cream

Lunch: picnic

Technical difficulty

Medium to High (Medium: requires well developed motor skills coordination and previous knowledge. High: requires special skills and previous knowledge and practice).

Physical condition

Sedentary to good (Sedentary: person with lack of training or walks gently one or two times a week. Good: person who trains systematically not more than three times a week).


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