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Plaza Francia, Aconcagua (22,840 fasl) South Face base camp

Mt. Aconcagua needs no presentation.

As the highest mountain out of the Himalayas, it has become one of the most important challenges in mountaineering and trekking for mountain lovers all over the world.

Apart from the sport interest in the mountain, its majesty is undeniable. The impact of this immense snow-covered rock standing far above its neighbouring peaks, the difference in each of its faces with its steep and rocky west side; the nearly vertical snowy south face; the immense Polacks Glacier to the east; its endless edges and the vast Gran Acarreo northwest face, these are all part of this mythical mountain that draws people from every corner of the planet.

We will visit the South Face base camp, Plaza Francia, 13,776 fasl (4.200 masl). The South Face is an imposing sedimentary rock block, nearly vertical of about 9,840 feet (3.000 meters) from its base up to the top. To reach the base we will walk along the Aconcagua National Park. First we will get to "Confluencia" camp, at about 10,824 fasl (3.300 masl). The next day we will take the "Horcones Inferior" gorge up to the glaciers at the base of the South Face Wall.



1st Day: Alter getting the necessary trekking permits, we will leave back Mendoza city in a vehicle to Puente del Inca, and then to the Aconcagua Park entrance, where Rangers will require our permits. We will then start our trekking to "Confluencia" Camp. At the beginning of the Quebrada del Durazno (Peach Gorge), we will cross the Horcones River. We will get to the camp after walking 3,7 mi (6 km). We will have dinner and spend our first night in double base tents.

2nd Day: Departure to Plaza Francia is after enjoying a very good breakfast. The trekking is through the moraines that come from the Horcones Inferior Glacier. 5 hours walk before having lunch at "El Mirador", the best place to have the whole picture of the South Face Wall. If passengers are in good shape, and the weather conditions are favourable, we will continue an extra hour up to the base camp. Then we will take the way back to Confluencia camp, after walking 12 mi (18 km) this second day. Dinner and night at camp..

3rd Day: Soon after breakfast we will return to the Park entrance where the vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Mendoza City.


Suggested Personal Equipment

One pair underwear polypropylene pants
One pair fleece pants (or similar warm pants)
One pair waterproof pants (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One pair of comfortable and light pants
One short sleeved shirt
One long sleeved polypropylene sweat shirt (or similar)
One fleece top (or similar warm top)
One duvet jacket (or synthetic)
One waterproof shell jacket (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One pair of first skin gloves
One pair of fleece gloves (or similar warm gloves)
One warm stocking cap
One cap
One pair of sun glasses (VU protection)
One headlamp with spare batteries and bulbs
One duvet (or synthetic) sleeping bag for 5ºF or less
One neoprene mattress
One comfortable 70 litres (or more) backpack
One pair of trekking shoes (or similar comfortable ones)
Two pairs of common socks
Two pairs of warm synthetic socks
One pair of ski poles
One water bottle
1 VU Sun block cream
Personal aid kit including baby towels


Travel personal documents: passport for foreigners and DNI for argentinians.

Hotels in Mendoza: however we do not include the nights in hotels, we can make bookings and arrangements.

Weather: the expeditions are from december to march, during southern hemisphere summer, depending on the amount of snow acumulated in winter. Sometimes, the snow does not melt until end of december. The days are usually clear and warm with cold nights. Short snow storms are often but the snow melts very fast. During these situations winds will cause a sensation of lower temperature. In normal conditions, the temperature during the day can go from 68ºF to 32ºF or less, when its cloudy. During the night the temperature can get 5ºF.

Water and beverages: we will drink clear water from the springs, wine, beer and juice.

Meals: meals are chosen to recover the same amount of calories consumed during the day. Quick meals during the trekking and dinners in camps. If you are allergic, vegeterian or you are following any special diet, please let us know asap in order to redo the menu.

Camps: we will sleep in double base dome tents. We will use a big tent for dinners.

Previous knowledge and physical condition: not previous knowledge is required. Good physical condition is necessary. In case of being under any medical treatment or consuming any medicine we will need this information before the departure in order to evaluate its effects with altitude. We need you to fill in the medical form with the precisly information so we can proceed correctly in emercency situations.

Important: the head guide can decide to change the itinerary due to weather conditions or any other situation that can endanger passengers health or integrity. Anyway, this activity carries risks that passenger declares to know and although guides are experimented, passengers are responsible to accept the decisions taken by the guide.

Technical difficulty

Low: doesn´t require previous knowledge nor special skills

Physical condition

Good: person who trains systematically not more than three times a week


Please, contact us


Transfer in/out,
Transfer Mendoza - Puente del Inca - Parque Aconcagua - Mendoza
Double base tents.
Dinner tents.
Profesional mountain guides.
Full board during the expedition
Help in obtaining trekking permit
Help in booking accommodation in Mendoza City.



Not Included

Trekking permit
Personal Porter
Extra beverages

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