About Us

We have devoted the last 25 years to welcoming visitors who come to Argentina for a particular purpose: outdoor adventure experiences and topical recreational trips.
Our aim is to provide personalized services, offering top quality in each of our programs.
We have a great love for the Andean traverses, height ascents and wine tours, in particular as they are part of our family heritage.
We believe in mountaineering as an activity in close contact with the environment. The effort, the exhaustion, the height or freezing temperatures, sharing a cup of hot tea or coffee at a spectacular coloured dawn in the middle of the Cordillera, the group conversation and the moments of deep introspection are all part of what we love and hope to share with you.
The mountains are there. It is our choice either to suffer when climbing or enjoy the challenge. Our goal is to show you how to enjoy the mountain and we put all our professionalism and passion into making the experience unforgettable.
But mountains are part of a country with its people and its cultural background and we also want to share that with you.
The relationship between guides and passengers is the key to a successful experience and with our billingual guides we make sure this is possible.
Quality is our goal and we are open to any suggestion that can make us improve our service.

Discover the Andes, Expeditions: tel +54 -261-156571967, e-mail:info@discovertheandes.com EVT Legajo 16431