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Cajón de los Arenales trekking

On the west of Uco Valley and following clear streams, the way goes into the Cordillera de los Andes. The ascent is between enormous rocky gorges who are mute witnesses of indians, jesuits, armies and "arrieros" who crossed these high passes to Chile for centuries.
This area offers different alternative paths, some reaching up to 4450 masl. What they all share is the amazing visual impact while going up in any direction. This day guarantees a lifetime memory.

General Information

Location: Andes Border Mountain Range

Transportation: private

Estimated time of departure: 9 am

Estimated time of arrival: 5 pm

Driving journey length: 1 hours 15 minutes each way including stops (from Valle de Uco)

Trek starting height: 8,900 fasl. (2.700 masl)

Maximum height: 11,500 fasl. (3.500 masl)

Estimated duration of trekking: 5 to 6 hours, depending on individual's physical condition, and including lunch

Personal equipment required: comfortable warm pants, comfortable trekking or sport shoes with a good sole, warm socks, t-shirt, turtle neck shirt, wool sweater or warm fleece top, a good warm jacket, gloves, warm stocking cap, cap or hat, sun glasses and UV sun-block cream

Lunch: picnic

Recommendations: bring your passport


Technical difficulty

Low: doesn´t require previous knowledge nor special skills.

Physical condition

Sedentary to good (Sedentary: person with lack of training or walks gently one or two times a week. Good: person who trains systematically not more than three times a week.)


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Picnic lunch
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