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Aconcagua (22,841 fasl)

The Hill Aconcagua almost needs no introduction.
Being the highest mountain in the Americas, has become the goal of climbing and hiking many mountain lovers.
But beyond the purely sporting interest, his majesty is undeniable. The impact that the mass of rock and snow, rising more than its neighboring hills, the slopes are vast and so different among them, as the west wall steep and rocky, almost vertical and snowy south face of the immense glacier Poles in the east, their edges endless and the Great Carry wide and long, his face northwest part of this legendary mountain that attracts people from all over the world.


1st Day : Arrival at airport or bus station in Mendoza City at 2,460 fasl (750 masl). Transfer to Hotel in Mendoza City. Prepare ascent permits and checking of gear. Renting or buying part of the equipment, if necessary.

2nd Day: Transfer from Mendoza City to Puente del Inca at 8,860 fasl (2700 masl) or Penitentes at 8,200 fasl (2500 masl). Prepare gear and supplies for mules. Night at Hotel.

3rd Day: Transfer from Puente del Inca or Penitentes to Horcones at 9,500 fasl (2900 masl). Entrance to Aconcagua National Park. Trekking to Confluencia camp at 11,300 fasl (3450 masl). Night at camp.

4th Day: Trekking from Confluencia to El Mirador at 13,600 fasl (4150 masl), Plaza Francia area (base camp for south face). The best place to admire the incredible south face. Back to Confluencia. Night at camp.

5th Day: Trekking from Confluencia to normal routes base camp, Plaza de Mulas at 13,940 fasl (4250 masl).

6th Day: Resting and acclimatization day at base camp.

7th Day: Supplies and fuel transportation up to C1 (Plaza Canadá) at 15,745 fasl (4800 masl) and C2 (Nido de Cóndores) at 17,700 fasl (5400 masl). Return to base camp.

8th Day: Resting and acclimatization day at base camp.

9th Day: Base camp-C1 (Plaza Canadá)

10th Day: C1-C2 (Nido de Cóndores)

11th Day: C2-C3 (Berlín) at 20,000 fasl (6100 masl)

12th Day: Summit attempt day.

13th Day: Extra day for bad weather conditions.

14th Day: Return to Plaza de Mulas

15th Day: Plaza de Mulas-Puente del Inca or Penitentes. Night at Hotel.

16th Day: Return to Mendoza City. Night at Hotel.

17th Day: Transfer to airport or bus station.

18th Day: Extra day for bad weather conditions

Suggested personal equipment

Two pairs polypropylene underwear pants
One pair fleece pants (or similar warm pants)
One pair waterproof pants (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One pair of comfortable/light pants
Two short-sleeves t-shirts
Two long-sleeves polypropylene sweat t-shirts (or similar)
One fleece top (or similar warm top)
One duvet jacket (or synthetic)
One waterproof shell jacket (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One pair of first skin gloves
One pair of fleece gloves (or similar warm gloves)
One pair of waterproof gloves or mittens (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One fleece or synthetic balaclava
One warm stocking cap
One cap
One pair of sun glasses (UV protection)
One extra pair of glasses
One ski goggles
One headlamp with spare batteries and bulbs
One duvet (or synthetic) sleeping bag for -13°F (-25ºC) or less
One neoprene mattress
One comfortable 80 or 90 litres backpack
One pair of mountaineering double shoes -13°F (-25ºC) or less
One pair of trekking shoes (or similar comfortable ones)
Three pairs of common socks
Two pairs of warm synthetic socks
One pair of crampons
One ice axe
One pair of ski poles
Two water bottles
1 Pair of waterproof gaiters
1 UV Sun block cream
Personal aid kit including baby towels
Photo camera or video camera
Two big bags for supply and gear transportation on mules with lock
Plate, fork, knife, spoon and cup for upper camps

Technical difficulty

Low to medium: (Low: doesn´t require previous knowledge nor special skills. Medium: requires well developed motor skills coordination and previous knowledge).

Physical condition

Very good: person who trains systematically very hard with high standards of demand almost every day.


Please, contact us.


Transfer in/out,
Transfer Mendoza-Puente de Inca -Mendoza,
2 nights in Puente del Inca with half board,
Gear mule transportation (44 pounds per person, 20 Kg per person ) up to base camp and back to Puente del Inca,
Double base tent and dining tent (in Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas),
Pots and pans,
Accredited guides,
One porter each 2 person to the higher camps
Full board during expedition in the mountain,
Help in obtaining ascension permits,
Help in booking accommodation in Mendoza City


Not Included

Transfer origin-Mendoza-origin,
Lodging in Mendoza
Extra meals out of the Park, except for the ones specified,
Ascent permits,
Personal gear

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