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Paramillos, Uspallata, Precordillera

From Mendoza city, we shall drive west on Nº 7 national road, winding up the Pre Mountain Range south face. The road will then head northway's between the Frontal and the Pre Mountain Range, until we get to Uspallata valley.
This valley once witnessed the Pre-Columbian history with both Huarpe and Inca cultures (to be noticed that Mendoza was the southernmost area where the Incas were).
Once at "Minas de Paramillos" we shall be given all the necessary equipment for the activity and then into the old Jesuit mines.
The upper level takes around 45 min. to explore, there we can see and learn about various different kind of minerals. To get to the next level, we must rappel (abseil) through a chimney and then down stairs to the lowest level. In the third level we can find the railway system that was used to carry out the minerals. Following the rail road we trek out to the surface and a short walk will then take us to the remains of what used to be an Araucaria forest found by Charles Darwin when he crossed the Andes at this latitude.

General Information

Location: Andes Pre Mountain Range

Transportation: private

Estimated time of departure: 9 am

Estimated time of arrival: 6 pm

Estimated duration of trekking: from 2 to 3 hours

Trek starting height: 9,350 fasl. (2.850 masl) 

Trek final height: 9.150 fasl. (2.790 masl) 

Personal equipment required: comfortable warm pants, comfortable trekking or sport shoes, warm socks, t-shirt, turtle neck shirt, wool sweater or warm fleece top, a good warm jacket, gloves, warm stocking cap, cap or hat, sun glasses and UV sun-block cream

Lunch: picnic

Technical difficulty

Low: doesn´t require previous knowledge nor special skills.

Physical condition

Sedentary: person with lack of training or walks gently one or two times a week


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Mining and rappel (abseiling) equipment (helmet, torch, gloves, harnesses)

Bilingual guides



Discover the Andes, Expeditions: tel +54 -261-156571967, EVT Legajo 16431