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Marcela Lledó (more info)

Born and rised in Argentina, Marcela has a Master in professional marketing. Wine lover and gourmand, likes also outdoors sports and nature. Her field of expertise is wine tourism, were she had performed in public relations, education, training, and consulting, developing many products and services for wineries. At the moment she is a profesor of wine marketing at the International Somelliery Career, and also coordinates the Tourism Carreer at Arrayanes School of Tourism. As a freelance Premium Wine Guide, she specializes in organizing tastings for an important winery.
She enjoys very much contact with guests coming from different cultural enviroments and, after travelling to different countries of the world, she had lived in Spain and the US, beeing able to learn about the wine culture and industry of both countries. On the side, she is member of the Argentinian Olympic rafting Team and raced in many Adventure Races. Marcela is an energetic, outgoing, lively and dinamic person.

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