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Eduardo Soler (more info)

Discover The Andes Expeditions - Partner

Eduardo spent most of his life in the ski industry, owning now a Ski Area at Puente del Inca, in the border between Mendoza and Chile. Avid mountaineer, biker, fisher, traveller and horse rider, he is able to transmit his love for nature to all guests.
He is also a passionate wine connaissur and gourmand, it is said that he can write the Michellin Guide for Mendoza if he wants!. His fluent english was aquired while working in Aspen as a ski pro. He also is fluent in portuguese.
Eduardo volunteers his spare time on enviromental work beiing an active member of Greenpeace. His motto is: "Nothing will renew your spirit like a good glass of wine, enjoing the Andes views while waiting for the asado!"


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