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Ilan Zeimer (more info)

Ilan Zeimer is a man of the world. He is a citizen and resident of three countries, the United States, Israel, and Argentina. Born in Jerusalem, his family moved to Chicago when Ilan was seven, where he lived until he left to study biology at the University of Michigan. Leaving Ann Arbor in 1992, he began a life of travel and outdoor activity.
Ilan has skied, biked, hiked, and climbed throughout the Western United States. He has completed the 211-mile John Muir Trail, taught English in Japan, travelled extensively through Europe, and feels at home in the Middle East.
Eleven years ago, Ilan found himself in South America, and before long he was enrolled in the local mountain guiding school and working on Aconcagua. In 1999 he started guiding on the Aconcagua, where he is now a lead expedition guide, and his fourth year working with Pedro Rosell at Discover the Andes, guiding visitors to Mendoza's wine country on hikes in the nearby foothills.
Ilan enjoys opportunities to share with his clients what he is most passionate about: travel, adventure, and the outdoors. He is patient and attentive to detail. He works tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for each of his guests. As a foreign resident in Argentina, Ilan understands his clients' needs and interests, and is excited to share his love for the local culture and landscape.

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