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Pedro Rosell (more info)

Discover the Andes Expeditions - Founder Partner.

He is a mountain lover and a Wilderness First Responder who has climbed in South America and Europe. For 15 years, he organized and guided expeditions to Mt. Aconcagua. In all these years he gained vast experience in developing different kinds of tours for adventure tourists from all over the world. He has enjoyed and been a guide in many traverses to peaks of more than 17,000 fasl all over the country.
He was head of the "Hostel Internacional Mendoza" (member of Hostelling International) and Choique Turismo Alternativo, at their office in Mendoza City, leading all sorts of outdoor adventures.
For more than 20 years, he has been sharing his passion for mountaineering making tourists feel the mountain the way he does. He found the key to enjoy the essence of The Andes without having to conquer any summit were the Andean Traverses which do not require the intense physical effort needed for the high peaks, but provide the experience.

Pedro was born in a wine making family of Mendoza and spent his entire life among grapes and barrels. As a result he knows a lot of people in the wine making world of his city and has developed his other passion, wine tourism, over the last 10 years. The wine loving clientele will certainly benefit from his direct involvement with the record breaking growth of this activity, in the wine capital of Argentina.


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