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General Belgrano Peak (20,170 fasl)

The "Cordillera de Famatina" is a chain of mountains separated, to the east, from the "Cordillera de Los Andes". It is impressive from all cardinal points. It is surrounded by green cultivated valleys which contrast with the extreme arid areas.
With the hard gold exploration and exploitation back in the XIX and XX centuries lots of mining developments left behind ghost cities hidden in this cordillera.
This bequest strongly influenced "Chilecito", today a busy growing city, and the pleasant "Famatina City".
From 14,400 fasl (4.400 masl) up at "Pico Gral.Belgrano" (the chain´s highest peak), the raw material was sent down by cable-carts from the innumerable mine galleries on the west face of this mount, where the famous mine "La Mejicana" is situated. Nearly 31 mi (50 km) of towers and cables cross cliffs and gorges ending at "Chilecito". A great feat of engineering no longer in use, but which now brings tourism to the area. The winds that blow unresisted against the mountain sides, due to the absence of west chains to stop them on their way to "Famatina", at times make this mountain difficult to conquer. Due to these strong winds there is a marked low pressure making the ascent a difficult challenge.
Condors, "guanacos", intense colours, hidden green oasis...they are all part of the breathtaking views of this expedition, which combines four-wheel drive experiences, history and mountaineering.


1st Day: After visiting "Chilecito City" at 3,660 fasl (1116 masl), we arrive at "Famatina City" at 5,310 fasl (1619 masl), surrounded by nut tree plantations and framed by extremely arid landscape. With our next destination "Las Cuevas de Pérez", we will drive 24,8 mi (40 km) on a four wheel drive road. First camp at 12,500 fasl (3.800 masl).

2nd Day: A resting and acclimatization day at "Las Cuevas de Pérez" will give us the opportunity to discover the mines and the workers history as well as the mountain´s.

3rd Day: The way to "La Mejicana" is not long, only a couple of hours walking, but it is very interesting. We will visit the mine base surroundings and we will spend the night at 14,400 fasl (4.400 masl).

4th Day: We will go up to "La Lagunita" camp at 16,600 fasl (5070 masl), where our tents will be set up beside a small pool that is usually formed from melting snow.

5th Day: This is our summit attempt day. On our way to another lagoon we will start very early in the morning passing through "La Montura". Hidden in a big and peculiar plateau, this lagoon 1000 feet (300 m) long and 328 feet (50 m) wide, with waters deep coloured, surely is one of the highest situated lagoons in the world. Remember we are talking about 19,680 fasl (6.000 masl). Another interesting aspect of this landscape is the strange rock formations. From the lagoon and through a snowy hill we reach the edge that will guide us to the summit. After encouraging the summit, we will return to "La Lagunita" camp for accurate moisturaizing and rest.

6th Day: Our way back to the vehicles will be fast and easy through rock screes. Once there, we will drive back to civilization.

Suggested Personal Equipment

One pair polypropylene underwear pants
One pair fleece pants (or similar warm pants)
One pair waterproof pants (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
Two short-sleeved t-shirts
One long-sleeved polypropylene sweat t-shirt (or similar)
Two fleece tops (or similar warm top)
One duvet jacket (or synthetic)
One waterproof shell jacket (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One pair of first skin gloves
One pair of fleece gloves (or similar warm gloves)
One pair of waterproof gloves or mittens (gore-tex/ultrex or similar)
One fleece or synthetic balaclava
One warm stocking cap
One cap
One pair of sun glasses (UV protection)
One extra pair of glasses
One headlamp with spare batteries
One duvet (or synthetic) sleeping bag for -13°F (-25ºC) or less
One neoprene mattress
One comfortable 80 or 90 litres backpack
One pair of mountaineering double shoes -13°F (-25ºC) or less
One pair of trekking shoes (or similar comfortable ones)
Two pairs of warm cotton socks
Two pairs of warm synthetic socks
One pair of crampons
One ice axe
One pair of ski poles
1 Pair of waterproof gaiters
1 UV Sun block cream
Personal aid kit including baby towels

Technical difficulty

Low: doesn´t require previous knowledge nor special skills.

Physical condition

Good: person who trains systematically not more than three times a week


Please, contact us.


Transfer Chilecito-Pico Gral. Begrano-Chilecito
Nights in double base tents
All the meals during expedition
Bilingual mountain guide

Not Included

Transfer origin-Chilecito-origin
Personal gear
Extra beverages
Personal porter

Discover the Andes, Expeditions: tel +54 -261-156571967, EVT Legajo 16431